How Immersive Collaboration Technology Provides an Edge in B2B Retail

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May 6, 2020

Collaboration is one of those concepts that feels like a double-edged sword. While putting more than one mind on a problem can work well, there are pitfalls that businesses must avoid.

When collaboration is superficial, like emailing catalog PDFs and spreadsheets back and forth, time is wasted, product data is out of sync and your team quickly loses the thread on whether their buying plan is on track. The opposite is true as well; ‘hyper collaboration’ from always-on chat systems like Slack, Teams and Google Chat can backfire because they never give your staff an opportunity for deeply focused, strategic thinking about how to accomplish their company’s goals.

This is why Surefront pioneered the idea of Immersive Collaboration Technology (ICT), a contextual middle ground that draws together the work of your entire B2B retail team into a single app, while also empowering them to work with their business partners.


“Immersive” defined - providing, involving, or characterized by deep absorption or immersion in something

“Collaboration” defined - to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor

“Immersive Collaboration Technology” defined - ‘A technology solution that ties communication and interactions to the actual work and flow being performed across teams and companies.”

ICT keeps all of your communications and interactions directly attached to the products, programs, offers and orders on which you are working. This ensures everyone has the latest version of your product data, that your offer or order information is live in real time, and that catalog or assortment data can be reused with other partners without data re-entry.

Immersive Collaboration Technology Prevents Costly Errors

ICT helps companies become less error-prone. Alex Ernenputsch, head of sales for JIA HOME says Surefront’s ICT has had helped him save time while feeling less concerned about ‘email errors’ he’s seen in the past. “While I love one-click offers in Surefront, my favorite thing is how it reduces errors,” Alex noted. “I used to send updated spreadsheets constantly, hoping that my manufacturer was working off the right revision. I worried the same thing when I sent an offer to a large off-price retailer. Did I get the latest update right, taking into account the tariff change we had to factor into our cost?”

With Surefront, Alex knows that the latest version of his data is what his retail account buyers as well as his manufacturing partners are seeing when they act. “We’re all using Surefront so I know they have the latest data. Surefront’s ICT gives me the confidence that my real time changes are always reflected in my SmartCatalog and product data when my partners are viewing them to make important decisions. I can see what they are seeing at all times and that means they won’t act on bad data that could cost my company a lot of money.”

With the time savings and closer collaboration he gets from Surefront, Alex saves time he can use to provide exceptional service and seek new accounts for JIA HOME. He’s tracking an exceptional Q4 2019 now that he and all his B2B retail partners use Surefront.

Ready to explore how Surefront’s Immersive Collaboration Technology can help drive higher sales, increase efficiency and reduce expensive errors? Sign up for a free retailer demo today or try it free with our no-risk supplier setup.

About Surefront:

Surefront is an Immersive Collaboration Technology (ICT) that empowers retailers and suppliers to gain a competitive edge through cross-organizational collaboration. Our flexible enterprise B2B app enables buyers, salespeople and product development to finally work together as partners, deeply interacting with live sales and inventory details, placing single-click orders, and negotiating quickly in a marketplace they join once and can use with all of their industry partners. Learn more at

Dylan Lowe

Written by Dylan Lowe