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Press Release - Surefront and BaubleBar Partnership

BaubleBar Partners with Surefront to Accelerate Product Development

Fashion accessories brand to big-box retailers finds a new partner for Product Lifecycle Management 

Surefront is a Unified Product Collaboration Platform with PIM, CRM, and PLM solutions. It's a centralized data home where stakeholders can freely share product information and assign access permissions. Most integrations are supported in Surefront, but none are needed. Our articles often focus on one aspect of our unified PIM, PLM, and CRM platform. With Surefront, each solution seamlessly works together to achieve a guaranteed 10x ROI for every customer.

June 9, 2021 (Los Angeles, CA) - New York-based fashion jewelry and accessories brand, BaubleBar has partnered with Los Angeles based software startup Surefront to improve Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and accelerate their speed-to-market during a period of rapid growth. Founded in 2011, BaubleBar has gained considerable popularity and is carried in thousands of brick-and-mortar retail locations globally, including several of the largest big-box retailers. With thriving DTC and B2B businesses and planned expansion into new categories, BaubleBar needed a platform to help their product development teams keep up with their massive growth.Their existing systems were not fulfilling such development needs, so they turned to Surefront. 

Founded by Caltech PhD, Luke Wang, Surefront launched this year at the National Retail Federation's Big Show. Unlike traditional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Surefront's team of 20+ software engineers has spent the last 5 years building a PLM platform, which empowers product development teams to collaborate with any and all external partners. This patented, built-in collaboration feature differs greatly from simply using a standard PLM and Slack integration, as it allows the product designer and their external product development partners (i.e. factories and buyers) to collaborate on a single product for all product details such as actual design, product specifications, BOM costs, and tech packs. This is a breakthrough in product development technology.


With thousands of new products in their pipeline per month, BaubleBar was looking for a centralized system for product development. They required a solution more collaborative than the average Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, that would allow them to actively engage both internal teams and external partners on a wide array of products at once. They found the partner they were looking for with Surefront.


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