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Surefront Supercharges its Software Suite’s Bill of Materials Feature

Surefront Product Development Software has strengthened its Bill of Materials feature, giving you even more control over the material details of each product or set. 

Before now, product component data was filed away silently. It could be difficult to find and manage product component data, or to reuse it across other sets. Surefront recognized the potential to further reduce clerical work by empowering teams to update any component in seconds. You can now change the color, sizes, pricing, and the raw materials of any product or product set. Furthermore, you now have visibility into where products, components, and raw materials are used across your entire catalog.

Bill of Materials further reduces the need for data re-entry by facilitating easy data duplication. 

With BOM, retail teams can create new sets and bundles in seconds. They can also easily update the raw materials used to create a product, adding ease to new supplier partnerships. 

Bill of Materials turns each product component into its own product within Surefront. Each individual component lives within the catalog. You can link to it, administer a full set of fields for it, and input individualized pricing data for each unique item or material. Thus allowing components to be more flexibly linked. Each unique component can have its own image, description, and in-depth customizable data set. 

Instead of creating product components as one off entries that live separately, Bill of Materials links each product variation to its parent product, with all of that original information. You can change the cost of any product component to view the total production costs, export data to stakeholders, or duplicate data to create a new custom set. You can even create links between different child products, and specify where you want to sell specific items or bundles. 

Give your team even more power over the product data in your SmartCatalog with Bill of Materials. It’s just another way that Surefront helps you reduce repetitive clerical work, so your teams have more time to do the work they love. 


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