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Surefront Unleashes Product Syndication Feature Upon NRF “Retail’s Big Show” 2023

Surefront Product Development Software to launch a brand-new product syndication feature at NRF 2023. Surefront’s engineering and design team identified an opportunity to build on their 10x ROI value guarantee. The manual process of customizing product listings for multiple online catalogs costs retail teams hours, if not days, out of their week. Surefront discovered a better way.

Retailers can now use Surefront Product Development Software to automate their product syndication process. Instantly customize product listings for hundreds of different retail websites. Retailers and suppliers can now save 90 minutes per product for each eCommerce platform where they have an online presence.

Teams can now conduct their entire product development process and more within a single platform – from ideation to development, sourcing to production, eCommerce listings to sales. No more migrating data between systems at each stage of the game. Remove additional days from the listing process with automatic syndication to get on-trend products to market faster.

With the new product syndication feature, you can use Surefront’s singular system to connect product data to any and all eCommerce platforms. Just set up a product in Surefront once to publish it to all of the eCommerce platforms you sell on, all at once. All sales channels are on one streamlined platform, so you can upload product data to any site in a single click.

Surefront product management software works for eCommerce sales and sales made in physical stores. That’s the power of Surefront’s retail PLM. Try Surefront’s new 10X ROI Calculator to see what the solution can do for your bottom line.

Visit Surefront at the NRF Big Show 2023, at Booth 3946.

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