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Surefront's wholesale CRM solution designed for sales teams

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A wholesale CRM that packs a heavyweight visual punch.

Sell more in a fraction of the time with Surefront Unified CRM Software.

Vendor Communication & Collaboration

Lost chat threads? Dropped communications? Hard to locate product data? Not anymore. At Surefront, we understand that wholesale distribution companies work with massive amounts of data and images for every product.

If your business processes are bogged down by hours of sifting through various communications to find the product data or customer information you need, we have a solution. Our contextual chat messaging feature lets you search conversations to find data in 3 ways: by order, product, or quote.

Surefront CRM for wholesalers makes shuffling between emails, spreadsheets, attachments, and text messages to find the data you need a thing of the past. So you can find the present and historical vendor communications you want, in a fraction of the time. Easily accessible data points. A more competitive wholesaling business. That's the power of Surefront.

Vendor Communication & Collaboration

Image Annotations and 3D Images

Imagine you could showcase each product in vivid detail throughout the sales process. How would that impact your bottom line? Well, imagine no more. Surefront’s wholesale CRM solution lets your internal and external teams work from a catalog full of robust product visuals. Your production team benefits from 3D product imagery, so they have a 360-degree view of products as they bring them to form.

But that's not all. Use Surefront CRM software to export product images to multiple departments in just a few clicks. Whether your team needs imagery for your product catalogs, you want to send them directly to a potential customer, or you use them for marketing campaigns across multiple apps, we've got you covered. Our distribution CRM can distribute product data and images to multiple channels in just seconds.

Other systems don't offer cloud based, centralized images as part of their value proposition. But Surefront's particular CRM lets you make notes and tag stakeholders right on the product images. Make email marketing campaigns intuitive with easily accessible product imagery. Turn every reluctant new contact into a motivated seller or buyer. Surefront is the best CRM to show you how profitable your business relationships can be.

Image Annotations and 3D Images

Order Management

Does your buying team spend more than 25% of their time sorting through email threads and Excel documents? Your product data shouldn’t be hidden in a fortress of firewalls and red tape. Surefront’s wholesale CRM system helps your business send orders to suppliers in minutes.

Check your product order status right in the app. Message sellers, ping employees, and request modifications to your contracts right in Surefront wholesale CRM, too. Mine historical sales data to inform your purchasing decisions. Export any data in seconds, so your wholesale business team can refocus on improving your bottom line. 

With Surefront, all of your communications data and product inspection data is housed in one central location. Buy better, in a fraction of the time. It's time to experience for yourself why Surefront is the top CRM for your unique wholesale business.

Order Management

Event Logs & Audit Trails

Adhering to industry regulations can be time-consuming for retail teams. As SOX compliance and sustainability regulations grow, retail teams' auditing and reporting processes are more complex than ever. Our unified CRM tools simplify the auditing process.

Surefront’s wholesale CRM software was built to calm the chaos of the wholesale distribution business. That includes helping our customers adhere to industry regulations in a fraction of the time.

Review event logs and audit trails for SOX compliance, right in the platform. View all present and historical data in one place. Easier reporting. Fewer errors. Happier teams. It's just another benefit of Surefront Unified Wholesale CRM.

Event Logs & Audit Trails

RFQ & Quote Management

A lengthy quote management process can double the work for your sales team. Surefront's CRM for wholesalers lets your team send quotes to your buyers list and showcase products with robust visual imagery. But that's not all.

Not to brag, but we regularly help wholesale businesses reduce the time it takes to complete their sales process by 40% or more. We do this by letting retail teams send requests for quotes (RFQs), manage quotes, and respond to RFQs right from the app. No more volleying between disparate platforms to confirm time-sensitive quotes.

Use our lead management tool to solidify sales. Automate data entry to free up your sales team to focus on customers. Let us make your daily workflow significantly easier. Try Surefront for 30 days and there will be no question as to why Surefront is the best CRM to quickly confirm product orders.

*Stay tuned for our analytics and dashboard feature, to be released Summer 2023!

RFQ & Quote Management
“While other suppliers were greatly inhibited by the lack of in-person meetings and opportunities to collaborate with retailers, our sales, in fact, doubled.”
Alex Ernenputsch

VP of Sales, JIA HOME


What is a wholesale CRM?

Can wholesale sales management be done with ease? A wholesale CRM, also known as a Customer Relationship Management system, is a software solution designed to support the unique needs of wholesale businesses. CRMs for wholesalers are widely used across various industries to manage customer interactions, sales processes, and business relationships. However, wholesale CRM software is tailored to address the specific challenges and requirements of wholesale operations.

A wholesale CRM typically includes features and functionalities that facilitate inventory tracking, pricing management, supplier management, and customer support with automated workflows. It enables wholesale businesses to centralize and streamline their sales pipelines and customer-related activities. Thus providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions, order history, and inventory levels for increased profitability.

Key features of a wholesale CRM may include:

  1. Order management

    The CRM allows wholesale businesses to manage the entire order lifecycle, from quote to fulfillment. It enables sales representatives to create and track orders, manage backorders, handle partial shipments, and generate invoices.

  2. Inventory management

    CRMs for wholesalers provide tools for inventory tracking, stock management, lead management and replenishment. They help businesses maintain optimal inventory levels, track product availability, and manage supplier relationships.

  3. Pricing and discount management

    Wholesale operations often involve complex pricing structures, volume discounts, and customer-specific pricing. A CRM for wholesalers allows businesses to manage and automate pricing rules, apply discounts, and generate accurate quotes based on customer-specific pricing agreements.

  4. Supplier management

    Wholesale CRM systems may include features to manage supplier information, track supplier performance, and facilitate communication with suppliers. They help businesses maintain strong relationships with their suppliers and ensure timely product sourcing.

  5. Sales teams support

    Wholesale CRM systems often provide tools for managing customer inquiries, tracking support tickets, and maintaining customer service records. They help businesses deliver personalized customer support, improving customer satisfaction to lock down each new sales funnel.

  6. Reporting and analytics

    Wholesale CRM systems generate reports and provide analytics dashboards to help businesses gain insights into sales performance, customer behavior, inventory levels, and other key metrics. This data can be used to make informed business decisions and identify areas for improvement.

By using a wholesale CRM, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, improve customer relationships, streamline order processing, and ultimately drive sales growth. A wholesale CRM enables wholesalers to better manage their complex sales processes, optimize inventory levels, and provide superior customer service.

CRM software helps a wholesale supplier manage their day-to-day operations effectively. A centralized location will enable a wholesaler to manage sales, marketing and customer communications.

How much does retail CRM cost?

Let's talk costs of CRM software. Cost for CRMs start at $12 per user monthly for smaller enterprises. For more advanced packages for bigger companies, prices start at $50 / $150 per user per month, while the most expensive, top CRMs can be purchased at around $300 per user.

Why do wholesalers need CRM software?

Wholesalers handle complex problems on a daily basis. Various organizations have their own objectives that often conflict with others. You need to laterally balance conflicting objectives to achieve success.

Overall, CRM software empowers wholesalers with the tools and insights necessary to effectively manage customer relationships, streamline sales processes, deliver exceptional customer service, and make data-driven business decisions.

All of this serves to improve complex relationships with B2B customers. The result? More deals, better deals, and improved profits over time.

How does CRM help with customer relationship management?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are designed to assist businesses in managing and improving their interactions with customers. Here are several ways in which CRM helps with customer relationship management:

  1. Centralized customer data

    CRM software allows businesses to store and organize customer data in a centralized database. This data can include contact information, real time data, purchase history, communication logs, preferences, and other relevant details. Having a comprehensive view of customer information enables businesses to understand their customers better and deliver personalized experiences.

  2. Enhanced customer communication

    A CRM system provides tools for effective customer communication. Businesses can track customer interactions, such as phone calls, emails, and social media messages, within the CRM platform. This enables them to respond promptly, maintain consistent communication, and address customer inquiries or concerns more efficiently.

  3. Sales and opportunity management

    A CRM system often includes sales management features that help businesses track and manage their sales pipeline. These features allow sales teams to monitor leads, track progress, set reminders, and forecast sales. By having a clear view of the sales process, businesses can identify potential bottlenecks and take appropriate actions to improve conversions.

  4. Task and activity management:

    CRM platforms often include task management capabilities, allowing businesses to assign and track tasks related to customer interactions. This ensures that customer inquiries and requests are followed up on promptly, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the chance of missed opportunities.

  5. Customer segmentation and targeting

    A CRM system enables businesses to segment their customer base based on various criteria, such as demographics, purchase history, or preferences. By segmenting customers, businesses can tailor their marketing and communication efforts to specific groups, resulting in more relevant and targeted messaging.

  6. Customer analytics and reporting

    A CRM system provides businesses with insights and analytics on customer behavior, buying patterns, and trends. This information helps sales teams identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling, understand customer preferences, and make data-driven decisions to improve overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  7. Automation and workflow streamlining

    CRM systems often offer automation capabilities, allowing businesses to streamline repetitive tasks and processes and automate marketing efforts. For example, automated email responses or notifications can be set up for specific triggers, saving time and ensuring consistent communication with customers.

By leveraging CRM systems, businesses can better manage their communication with customers, improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and ultimately build long-term customer loyalty.

Which CRM is best to support wholesale teams in the sales process?

As the wholesaler and distributor you have to respond quickly. Your B2B customer faces considerable pressure to respond to their customers' needs in an efficient manner. Surefront CRM keeps everyone in your distribution businesses on track with centralized communication to track conversations, contact management, history, transactions progress and communication.

No matter what phase your product is in its supply chain, Surefront is the best CRM software for all of your internal and frontline sales processes.


What are the benefits of CRM for wholesalers?

Interested in deploying a CRM? The CRM is an efficient and cost effective tool that helps both retail business owners and wholesalers increase revenue. Home in on potential customers with targeted data. Store customer contact information. Review historical performance data for sales forecasting.

Sales managers in the wholesale industry can use CRM to measure performance for better efficiency of sales processes. Use Surefront CRM to automate several tasks including tracking leads, sales automation, responding to customer orders, and managing leads from your centralized data home. Automation helps representatives focus on revenue-generating activity throughout your sales cycle, such as preparing prospects and closing deals.

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