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Surefront is the world’s leading Product Lifecycle Management solution. Connecting geographically-dispersed teams with a single source of truth for product and sales data.

Whether you’re a supplier or a retailer, Surefront has all the tools you need to bring products to market faster and more efficiently.


In this demo, you’ll learn how Surefront helps:

  • Merchandising teams manage suppliers, plan assortments and better manage their categories in a user-friendly environment that combines communications tools with centralized and highly shareable data.
  • Product Development teams create new product lines, drive improvements with full product lifecycle management and collaborate with internal teammates and external partners - all on one platform.
  • Sales teams negotiate and come to agreements faster with easy quote creation, instant request for quotes and the pricing calculator tool that leverages your central repository of product data.


"We have seen that while other suppliers were greatly restricted by the lack of in-person meetings and opportunities to collaborate with retailers during COVID-19, JIA HOME maintained full functionality while working from home, and our sales, in fact, doubled."


Alex Ernenputsch
VP of Sales, JIA Home




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