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The collaboration tool for Suppliers and Retailers

Streamline your sales, merchandising and product development on a single platform to easily collaborate with any external partner

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Surefront handles the entire product journey from start to finish

Watch your team's productivity skyrocket using Surefront's all-in-one, patented Unified Collaboration Management tool to keep your internal teams and external partners all on the same page - get the best elements of PLM software and procurement software in a single, collaborative environment

Suppliers - Sales Management Workflow


Retailers - Product Development and Merchandising Workflow

Surefront unifies all Supplier and Retailer data on a single integrated platform


Surefront Unifes Section


All the tools you need on one Unified Collaboration Management platform for Suppliers and Retailers

Surefront consolidates all your tools on one platform, so you can focus on bringing products to market, rather than digging through emails, spreadsheets and PDFs for order and product data

Showcase Products

Showcase Products
  • Upload your entire product catalog 
  • Create unique product showcases 
  • Share product details that matter to you
  • Easily sort through all catalog data
  • Showcase to buyers even if not on Surefront

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Review Programs

Review Programs
  • Review and share new product ideas
  • Centralize all your product development
  • Set spending goals to stay within budget
  • Communicate with your factories
  • Share trendboards with your team

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Send Quotes

  • Send quotes at the click of a button
  • Easily customize quotes for each buyer
  • Send quotes with beautiful high-res images
  • Send quotes with all product details
  • Send quotes to non-Surefront users

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Negotiate Quotes

  • Live chat with your buyers in the quote
  • Finalize all quote details without email
  • Calculate your costs and margin 
  • Edit or add to the quote as needed
  • Add team members to the quote

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Finalize Orders

  • Instantly turn quotes into orders
  • Finalize all order details in Surefront
  • Easily share or export order info
  • Add team members to your order
  • Built-in workflows to manage orders

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Source Products

Source Products
  • Manage all your suppliers and partners
  • Share product ideas with your suppliers
  • Request quotations from Suppliers
  • Compare pricing from each supplier
  • Save all sourcing history on one platform

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Manage Quotes

  • Receive quotes from any supplier
  • Live chat in every quote with your supplier
  • View all product data and images
  • Ask for quote revisions and negotiations 
  • Easily retrieve quote data and info

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Send RFQs

Send RFQ
  • Request a quote directly from Surefront
  • Receive and view quotes 
  • Request any edits and modifications
  • View all product data and info
  • Live chat with your supplier in the quote

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Optimize Assortments

Optimize Assortments
  • Manage all merchandising workflows
  • View assortments with other team members
  • Retrieve product and assortment data
  • Track pricing targets and goals 
  • Keep your team on track and in sync

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Finalize Orders

  • Instantly turn quotes into orders
  • Finalize all order details in Surefront
  • Easily share and export order info
  • Add team members to your order
  • Built-in workflows to manage orders

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Any Questions?

Whether you are looking to find out what Surefront does from a basic understanding or would like to dive a little deeper into the benefits of Unified Collaboration Management, please check out some frequently asked questions below or refer to our in-depth FAQ section found in the header. 

What is Surefront, and what can it do?

Surefront is a B2B collaboration platform - known as Unified Collaboration Management - for the retail world (created for suppliers and retailers) that consolidates all your sales, merchandising and product development tools on one platform and enables you to easily work with external partners like factories, suppliers and franchisees. It's ideal upgrade for PLM software, procurement software, and PIM systems as you get the best elements of these tools and more in a single platform.

How does Surefront help Suppliers?

Nearly every supplier on Surefront has experienced a dramatic increase in sales. This is because Surefront consolidates all your tools and workflows on one platform, saving you valuable time you can instead spend focusing on new sales. Additionally, it makes the buying process incredibly easy on your customers which results in more orders. Find out more here: https://www.surefront.com/suppliers

How does Surefront help Retailers?

Retailers using Surefront typically see a 20% increase in productivity and a 10% increase in operational efficiency, which translates to a 10x return on investment. This is because Surefront consolidates all your Merchandising and Product Development tools and workflows on a single platform, so your team can focus on increasing their speed-to-market rather than clerical work and data entry. Find out more here: https://www.surefront.com/retailers

What other types of tools compare to Surefront?

Well, nothing quite compares to Surefront's patented Unified Collaboration Management platform. For Retailers, we represent the next generation of Master Data Management (MDM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM software), Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and procurement software. And for Suppliers, we represent the next generation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in addition to the other tools above. 

How much does Surefront cost?

Check out our pricing page here: https://www.surefront.com/pricing

How do I sign up for Surefront?

Book a demo with us today, so we can find out which solution suits your needs: click here

Will this integrate with any ERP?

Yes! Surefront will integrate with any ERP system. We built Surefront to be a Shared Technology used by partners across the globe and with all manner of systems of records, so it is built for enterprise-scale, industrial use and maximum flexibility.

How easy is it to set up Surefront?

Using our API, Surefront easily connects to any data management system you may already have. We also have an incredibly powerful bulk upload feature that allows you to upload your entire product catalog in minutes. Surefront also manages your organization's hierarchy, so assigning various team members to their corresponding departments, tasks and workflows is a cinch.  

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“I increased our speed to market by over 50% using Surefront for our product development and sales cycles. It has been an absolute game changer.”

Melissa Flippen
Senior Account Manager for JIA HOME

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