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You have a ton of people on your own teams to keep track of, not to mention your external partners, suppliers, vendors and all of their various products and processes. It’s a lot. Fortunately, Surefront’s workflow status tools allow retailers to quickly and more transparently see what everyone across their enterprise is doing.

Uniform Product Data

Identify roadblocks

We've already talked about Surefront’s workflow status tools, and how they help retailers get things done. But what about when things are not getting done? Surefront also helps retailers identify problems instantaneously so they can better sort out issues and unclog bottlenecks, then course correct and move forward with confidence.

Identify Roadblocks

Reduce mistakes

By the time you realize everyone might not be on the same page, things are often too far gone to fix without consequences. Surefront’s chat functions align internal stakeholders and supplier partners in a single, interactive environment where images, product details, line sheets, quotes and purchase orders can all be created, viewed and edited at once. When all the information is easy to see, everyone is on the same page.

Reduce Miscommunication and Mistakes

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Product Lifecycle Management includes management and control of all product data and information throughout a product's lifecycle. But what is it really? And why does it matter to you and your company? Download the guide.