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NetSuite product lifecycle management (PLM)

Surefront gives your NetSuite retail stack the PLM upgrade it deserves.

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Dedicated resources

Dedicated resources

for new NetSuite business partners

Expert PLM guidance

Expert PLM guidance

for you and your clients



Built-in audit, sustainability, and compliance

Built-in audit, sustainability, and compliance features

for regulation transparency

Accelerated NetSuite ERP adoption

Accelerated NetSuite ERP adoption & migration

through seamless integration

Flexible business terms

Flexible business terms

to match your needs

Common product lifecycle management pain points

Bringing products to market is hard work. Here are some of the struggles we hear about every day.
Data silos

“The information I need is all over the place”

Spreadsheets, PDFs, print outs, email attachments… we’ve heard it all. Surefront PLM centralizes all of your customers’ product data across every level of their organization.

Surefront’s retail PLM lets customers select data points to share with anyone on the team, and external suppliers, with the click of a button.

Slow time to market

“My buyers are spending 75% of their time on clerical work, and only 25% of their time with products and suppliers.”

Surefront reduces the time it takes to set up products in systems from 3-5 days per product, to 5 minutes.

By significantly reducing the time needed to bring products to market, we free up buyers' schedules to focus on sourcing and relationship building. Surefront helps retailers and suppliers operate at full capacity with 50% employee headcount. 

Friction points

“It takes weeks, 30 different versions of Excel documents, and 100s of emails just to get one product from the ideation phase to initial purchase order.”

With Surefront's retail PLM, sales teams can search and select products from their catalog, build a customized quote, and send it out to their customer within 30 minutes.

That's 10x faster than using Excel spreadsheets and emails. Partnering with Surefront ISV will exponentially increase the value proposition of your technology offering.

Detached systems

“Our customers have already invested in a great ERP system, but they're still using pencil and paper to confirm POs.”

Product data gets lost when it doesn't have a centralized home. That's where we come in!

Surefront provides a home for your customers' product data, while giving them the ability to easily collaborate with external vendors.

Missing pieces

“Part of our process works, but inaccurate data is stalling our customer's ability to confirm POs.”

It's not easy to confirm product orders. A simple typo can lead to weeks of additional emails, texts, and Excel Sheets. Surefront helps retailers and suppliers get every detail right, the first time around, in one simple system. 

Our SmartCatalog provides robust product visuals with an in-app sticky note feature. Just select an image/data set and click "share" to let external collaborators in on the process. Do it all in one place, in seconds to increase order accuracy, while reducing the time it takes to confirm a quote.

Adding value to your NetSuite offering:

PLM software in the greater retail ecosystem

A retail PLM system handles every step of the product lifecycle. The data stays centralized, from merchandising to nailing down product details, from production to shipping and logistics, and even selling the product on store shelves! It works seamlessly with NetSuite's ERP modules and any additional tools in clients' retail technology stack.

This means fewer emails, PDFs, and Excel spreadsheets are necessary to communicate with external vendors. The product lifecycle management process is centralized and quotes can be customized in a single click. 

Note: Clients maximize value when implementing PLM software prior to –– or in tandem with –– NetSuite ERP implementations and upgrades.

PLM software in the greater retail ecosystem

Your partner in technology and more:

Why become an official Surefront partner?

Besides seamless NetSuite integration with the #1 PLM technology solution in the market, here’s what Surefront brings to the table:

Trusted Advisors

Retail businesses of all sizes and shapes look to us for PLM answers.

Industry Expertise

We work with companies in all industries, but specialize in those working in fashion and apparel.

PLM Experts

Product Lifecycle Management is what we live and breathe.

Software Sales Proficiency

We understand and respect the SaaS buying/selling process.

Supporting Your Growth

We believe in a mutually beneficial partnership. By extending your offering to include PLM software, we know you will sell more – and more easily – and that’s our goal.

Customer Focus

We're dedicated to customer success before and after onboarding.

Best-In-Class Technology

Our patented PLM features are second to none.

Flexible Terms

Let's discuss beneficial terms & mutual success.

Ready to partner with Surefront - the PLM software vendor you can trust?