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Are Your Retail Teams Wasting Time on the Wrong Tasks?

retail teams

Passion drives the retail industry. Whether it’s passion for products, passion for people, or passion for your brand’s mission, one fact remains constant: Noone chooses a career in the retail industry in hopes of being mired in repetitive clerical work. Yet clerical work is exactly wh …

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How Can Surefront Promise Each Customer 10x ROI?

Surefront 10x ROI

We get it… it’s unheard of. How could a single product lifecycle management solution provider guarantee a 10x return on investment for every single customer? Sure, realtime insight into your product lifecycle can speed up your time to market and reduce clerical errors. But guaranteein …

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The Most Popular Raw Materials in Fashion Today

How do you manufacture trending fashions? In this day and age, customers are more informed than ever. They take everything into consideration, including which raw materials are used to create their looks and the sourcing methods that are used to create those materials. The focus on ra …

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The Cost of Using the Wrong PLM Software

Product lifecycle management isn’t a new industry. The term “product lifecycle management,” as we define it today, was coined by The American Motors Corporation back in 1985. However, when it comes to software, the actual features of each PLM platform vary so significantly that the um …

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Identify Hidden Revenue Within Your Supply Chain

Supply chain

You think of your supply chain as many things, but probably not as where you discover hidden revenue opportunities for your retail business. At least not yet. Maybe you think of your supply chain in terms of the product lifecycle –– the process that gets your products from the ideatio …

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3 Next Gen Beauty Trends for 2023

Stick on eyeliner

Beauty is one of the most trend sensitive industries in retail. Although breaking the rules has been a concept in makeup for decades, it’s really taken flight in the past few years. The reason? Gen Z’s affinity for standing out combined with a global pandemic have inspired beauty indu …

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Top 5 Fashion Retail Marketing Trends

Fashion shopper

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? Well, neither are successful fashion brands. Building a successful fashion brand takes time… no matter what you may hear on social media. It also requires an awareness of fashion marketing trends, and the ability to cus …

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Where Is Your Product Data When You Need It?

The ability to quickly access product data is no longer just a “nice to have” thing for brands and retailers. It’s an industry standard. As customers continue to value product use cases over brands, data is taking center stage as an independent asset that’s critical to retailers’ abil …

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Too Many SKUs Got You Down?

Overstocks, understocks, and low performing SKUs… oh my! At this point, you may be wondering, “what is a SKU?” So, let’s define “SKU” before we get into the nitty gritty. The term “SKU” refers to “stock keeping unit.” It’s the code of lines and numbers on each item that retailers use …

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Will Slow Fashion Impact Consumer Expectations?

The U.S. throws away up to 11.3 million tons of textile waste each year— that’s around 2,150 pieces each second. Sustainable brands are attempting to alter our pace of consumption before it’s too late. Consumers have an appetite for low priced, on trend apparel, but slow fashion is ch …

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Gen Z Customer Loyalty: Looking forward

Retailers struggle to understand Gen Z because of their conflicting purchasing motivations. They want low price points, but clothes that withstand the test of time. They want near immediate trend responsiveness, but sustainably manufactured goods. They want brands to stand for a cause …

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Can Product Lifecycle Management Help with Retail's Import Crisis?

We’re in the midst of an import crisis. NRF recently reported that, after record breaking volumes in spring, retail shipments at large U.S. ports from July to December will likely be 1.5% less than they were  a year prior. But that is just the beginning. Shipping companies’ rising pri …

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