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Is Luxury Retail Immune to Speed to Market Woes?

Luxury fashion retailers have faced many challenges in recent years. From supply chain woes to declining sales, from PR nightmares to the resale boom, luxury retail brands need unprecedented agility to keep up with the curve. Supply chain disruptions haven’t ended now that the pandemi …

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The Fashion Trend Cycle Favors the Bold

The fashion trend cycle demonstrated by a woman in pink.

The cycle of fashion trends is ever-changing. We’ve gone from a 20-year trend cycle into a veritable explosion of trends, featuring fashions from every decade and subculture playing out at the same time. But that doesn’t mean that a retailer’s speed to market is no longer relevant. Th …

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Is Logomania the Enemy of Fashion?

What is logomania? Let these t-shirts demonstrate.

People have been saying that logomania is over since the early 80s. Nevertheless, it persisted. Are you wondering, “what is logomania’s meaning?” Here it is: Logomania is the overt use of logos on apparel, accessories, consumables and – in a few unfortunate cases – printed onto model’ …

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Inventory Planning Starts With Time

Retail team figures out how to plan inventory.

When you think about how to plan inventory, do you automatically think about inventory planning software? While inventory planning software can help you forecast demand to make more accurate inventory selections, it’s not the only solution to the question of how to develop an inventor …

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What’s a Software Suite? 5 Ways it Differs from PLM

February 2023 : 5 Ways Software Suites Differ from PLM

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Everything You Need to Know About Product Syndication

Analysts predict that we are staring down the barrel of a recession in 2023. Consumer spending is beginning to slow. Traditional PLM software can’t prevent the overstocks on apparel and seasonal items, and understocks on essentials that have become par for the course. Major department …

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NRF Retail’s Big Show 2023 Wrap Up

In his keynote presentation,  NRF President Matthew Shay said, "the Big Show has become a technology show." That’s because, in the years to come, strategic technology investments will enable retailers to serve their customers in new ways. We got a preview of some of the transformation …

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Electronics Categories to Watch for Spring 2023

Electronics store sales are bouncing back. Global inflation, production and shipping delays, and lockdowns led to last year’s sales slump. After decreasing by 21.1% in 2022, the global market for consumer electronics is predicted to reach $723.6 billion in 2023. That’s a 31.9% increas …

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PLM & PIM Solutions Drive Sales in 2023

Bad data is not a victimless “crime.” It leads to faulty inventory predictions and internal errors. These errors lead to over assortment and, when too much inventory sits on retail shelves, discounting becomes a necessity –– leading to reduced margins. Trend responsiveness on new styl …

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PLM, ERP, CRM, PIM … Oh My! Demystifying Retail Software Terminology

Retail software terminology is much like the Wild West. There isn’t legislation around what software providers call themselves. The applications of most software solutions extend far beyond the umbrella term or acronym used to refer to them. This can make it challenging to identify th …

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PLM VS SCM: Which is Right for Your Business?


Nobody said that decoding retail software terminology would be easy. Few retailers truly understand the difference between PLM and SCM. The reason for this goes far beyond similar sounding acronyms: The functions of traditional PLM (product lifecycle management) and SCM (supply chain …

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Christmas in Gotham: Trending Holiday Retail Categories

Christmas in Gotham

It’s beginning to look a lot like The Nightmare Before Christmas. With this year’s surreal cosmetic trends (foregoing eyebrows, anyone?) to Target rolling out a Goth Edit, holiday consumer trends for 2023 have never looked more dystopian. Holiday season shopping is about to cross over …

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