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Books and Guides

Dive into the trends, legislation, and industry data impacting modern retail teams.

The Complete Guide to Product Lifecycle Management
3rd Edition

  • Comprehensive Overview of PLM: Dive into the essentials of Product Lifecycle Management, outlining its significance in integrating people, processes, business systems, and information.

  • Insights on Selecting the Right PLM Software: Evaluating and choosing the best PLM software for your organization, including a checklist of key features to look for based on industry needs.

  • Understanding PLM Workflows and Best Practices: Discover proven strategies and tips to avoid common pitfalls, lower production costs, speed up time to market, and improve product quality. 


The Complete Guide to PLM Purchase & Implementation
1st Edition

  • Define current PLM needs: Dig into how your current PLM process overwhelms your teams with trapped data and communication breakdowns.

  • Vet PLM software vendors: Take a step-by-step journey through vetting and purchasing the perfect PLM solution.

  • Maximize ROI: Turbocharge your software adoption process by learning quick and easy ways to get your whole team on board.


The State of Sustainability in Retail Technology

  • Learn SEC regulations: Get up-to-speed on recent SEC regulations that mandate retailers to disclose any climate-related risks in their supply chain.

  • Evaluate environmental risks: Learn how your business can evaluate its environmental risk profile to stay competitive in the evolving regulatory landscape.

  • Automate compliance: Discover the best way to automate your compliance process so you can stay focused on putting out top-quality products.

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