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Automate Your
Line Sheets

Build and send detailed line sheets to stakeholders in under five minutes.

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Customize fields with only a few clicks

Import product specs from any Excel document into your visual catalog. Simply select the data fields you want for a new line sheet. 

You can save your selections as a template for future line sheets. If a buyer asks for particular specs, you can easily add or subtract fields from your template.

Respond to buyers in record time
Produce new line sheets for buyers automatically while competitors spend days manually finding data.

Manage quotes and product lines for multiple buyers

Meet every retailer’s unique formatting requirements in seconds. Buyers can review product specs, ask questions, request quotes, and finalize orders directly on the platform—from anywhere.

Swiftly manage hundreds of buyer conversations simultaneously, creating more opportunities to make a sale.

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Close more sales than ever before

Keep your sales team busy interacting with buyers instead of completing mindless clerical tasks. Automated line sheets give salespeople 40% more time to close deals every single day.

Keep product data error-free
Surefront eliminates mistakes by storing all product information on a unified platform. Now your teams can seamlessly move through the buying process without data errors. This brings efficiency-boosting capabilities:

  • Save and retrieve order data
  • Reference historical quotes 
  • Adjust and customize formatting

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Watch the video to experience the speed and ease of creating line sheets on Surefront.

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