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PLM Software for Textiles

Plan more accurately

Tap into valuable data, forecasts, and inventory

  • Refine your textile forecasts with unparalleled precision
  • Fine-tune your inventory and sizing predictions
  • Empower your buyers to make informed decisions
Plan More Accurately-1

Automate data entry

Meet each retailer's specifications effortlessly

  • Avoid formatting roadblocks and human errors
  • Spend less time on tedious administrative tasks
  • Spend more time on designing textiles that set trends
Automate Data Entry

Streamline workflows

Navigate the textiles scene with perfect clarity

  • Assign tasks and due dates ensuring teams are in sync
  • Avoid chasing after missed tasks and forgetting deadlines
  • Concentrate on creating breathtaking textile collections
Streamline Workflows

Better business insights

Dive into historical and real-time textiles data

  • Craft trendsetting designs and accelerate innovation 
  • Boost sales with current consumer desires and trends
  • Embrace the power of data, innovation, and efficiency
Better Business Insights

Case Studies

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