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PLM = Retailers + Suppliers

Project Lifecycle Management

Collaborate on merchandising + product development

“Surefront’s really been a competitive advantage for us as a company— not just for product development but company-wide.”
Tanya Ellington

Director of Product Development, Bony Levy

Workflow Management 

Deliver on time with full transparency + accountability

  • Customize Workflows for Product + Quote + Order
  • Assign Tasks to Internal Teams and External Suppliers
  • Elevate Visibility to Resolve Bottlenecks

RFQ + Quote Management

Streamline supplier collaborations + communications

  • Enhance margin by creating competition across suppliers
  • Finalize + optimize assortment
  • Standardize item setup + quotesheets

Order Management

Automate purchase order processing

  • Generate custom PO worksheets in seconds
  • Accelerate approval process
  • Synchronize order status + inventory with suppliers

Supplier + Vendor Management

Enforce supplier + product compliance

  • Systemize factory surveys, inspections, audits, + corrections
  • Implement product testing and compliance
  • Generate supplier scorecards

Event Logs + Audit Trails

Drive insight and clarity

  • Enable institutional knowledge transfer
  • Maintain accuracy + resolve errors
  • Expedite training + onboarding

Image Markups

Share ideas by annotating images

  • Prototype new concepts
  • Collaborate on product design + innovations
  • Identify quality assurance improvements

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