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High Growth Apparel Brand
Needs to accelerate custom products

See how Vendor Management can deliver products in record time.

Client Profile

Due to the rapid growth of custom-made lines, this apparel company must quickly create products while onboarding and managing qualified global vendors to satisfy demand.   

The Brand’s current system and supplier base cannot handle the complexity of orders.

  • Needs to find, onboard, and manage qualified global vendors
  • Needs to maintain visibility and control over the global supply chain
  • Needs to reduce risk in the Product Development Process

Let's examine some key pain points and solutions to this Apparel Brand’s issues.


Key Challenges

Product Development, Sourcing, and Buying involve multiple-step processes to onboard new vendors. There’s a need for end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Our Solution:

Supply Chain Management - allows companies to manage team members, vendors, and projects against expectations and timelines.

Vendor Collaboration - facilitates in-platform communication with vendors to streamline communication and achieve goals.

Vendor Communication - enables key stakeholders to have direct, contextual communication with vendors and control over shared information.

Responsible Sourcing - allows stakeholders to attach, share, and collaborate on necessary files in real-time.
Custom silhouettes need to be readied for proposal and sent to multiple vendors during the sourcing process, allowing them to see only information pertinent to manufacturing.

Our Solution:

Tech Pack BuilderBulk Update Status/Workflow Tasks, Product Details/Attribute Communication - easily change, and communicate multiple attributes to key stakeholders en masse or through Tech packs.

Large custom orders require quick item creation and attribute changes on the fly to satisfy customer requirements.

Our Solution:

User Defined Fields - can be easily created and configured to provide information and access to internal and external partners.

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