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Tech Pack Builder

Build + send with 100s of attributes

Get ahead of the competition with unparalleled speed + accuracy.

Enjoy simple supplier interactions

Keep the product development process in motion

  • Produce Tech Packs for manufacturers automatically 
  • Outpace competitors manually aggregating data
  • Send factories Tech Packs instantaneously
Tech Pack Generator

Share relevant communications

Export more than just product specifications

  • Add markups to images
  • Include chat messages specific to relevant fields
  • Keeping collaboration at the forefront of your work
Tech Pack Collaboration

Generate Tech Packs instantly

Leverage product details to create in a few steps

  • Select a product from your PLM or product catalog
  • Choose the specifications, comments, images, markups
  • Download your fully formatted Tech Pack
Tech Pack Generator

Create customized templates

Maintain uniformity across similar items

  • Set up the tech pack exactly how you want in a few clicks
  • Save the tech pack as a template
  • Use the template for future products
  • Add or remove fields based on supplier requests
Custom tech pack templates

Create a Tech Pack in 4 Easy Steps

Watch the video

With Surefront, the process is streamlined and efficient. All necessary data is readily available.

Watch our video tutorial to see how easy it is:

  1. Choose a product
  2. Click download
  3. Customize your layout specs
  4. Click download again

Save layouts as templates, automatically populating future tech packs with correct details and specs.

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