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Apparel & Fashion Retailer
Looking to streamline PLM processes

See how a unified PLM can optimize product development.

Client Profile

An online retailer of apparel wants product development and catalog management tools to speed new products to market.

The retailer’s current system cannot support its operations at scale. The retailer has:

  • A global supply base 
  • A large volume of SKUs
  • House brands under development

Key Challenges

Lack of vision and control over multiple product lines, processes, and milestones.

Our Solution:

Workflow Management - provides visibility and control over projects, timelines, teams, people, products, and components.

Multiple ecommerce websites require product Information to be easily searchable, configurable, and exportable. The process must be flexible and agile.

Our Solution:

Surefront Smart Catalog (PIM) - allows for flexible searching and presentation of a single source of truth for downstream systems.

User Defined Fields - can be easily created and configured to provide information and access to internal and external partners.

Surefront custom exports - enable data to be exported in configurations that best serve downstream stakeholders.

Workflows for ecommerce - support multiple workflows to automate and systematize ecommerce success.

Sourcing and buying involves a multiple-step process with worldwide vendors and the need for end-to-end supply chain visibility and responsible sourcing.

Our Solution:

Supply Chain Management - allows companies to manage team members, vendors, and projects against expectations and timelines.

Vendor Collaboration - facilitates in-platform communication with vendors to streamline communication and achieve goals.

Vendor Communication - enables key stakeholders to have direct, contextual communication with vendors and control over shared information.

Responsible Sourcing - allows stakeholders to attach, share, and collaborate on necessary files in real-time.

Multiple similar private label products are under development, each one with different final sell points and administrative/document requirements in different countries.

Our Solution:

Save to Catalog for Item Update or New Versions - enables users to quickly create copies of part numbers, modify variations for specific markets, and create new custom attributes as required.

Risk of production/sample errors from having multiple versions of spreadsheets out to vendors.

Our Solution:

Tech Pack BuilderBulk Update Status/Workflow Tasks, Product Details/Attribute Communication - easily changes and communicates multiple attributes to key stakeholders en masse or through tech packs.

No one system to bring the entire product lifecycle from ideation to ecommerce sales. Slow speed to market resulting in missed opportunities.

Our Solution:

PLM+PIM+CRM on one unified platform - consolidates all product lifecycle information into a single source of truth, providing transparency and control without the need for multiple subscriptions, learning curves, or implementations.

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