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Fashion Accessories Designer
Wants to increase sales

See how a Wholesale CRM can help them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Client Profile

Fashion accessories manufacturer sells curated product lines for remnant space in retail stores. The manufacturer is also responsible for proposing assortments for house retail displays sold on consignment    

The manufacturer currently has its product data and assortment data stored in spreadsheets, which means its wholesale team:

  • Has difficulty differentiating themselves from hundreds of other vendors
  • Misses market opportunities because of difficulty managing and presenting product information 
  • Has high rates of errors in orders

Let's examine some key pain points and solutions to this Fashion Accessories Manufacturer’s issues.


Key Challenges

Product data lives in multiple systems, in different formats, difficult for sales to sort, present, and reconcile with downstream systems.

Our Solution:

Surefront Smart Catalog (PIM) - allows for flexible searching and presentation of a single source of truth for downstream systems.

Surefront Wholesale B2B CRM - allows internal teams to quickly leverage and format high-quality data from PIM to collaborate with their customers via Surefront’s unified collaboration platform, such as Company Branded Profiles.

Designers must be able to fill in “last minute “gaps in retailers' lines quickly and creatively, find and present them to customers.

Our Solution:

Line Sheets - allows sales teams to quickly find and present information to customers in specific formats via Surefront’s collaborative platform.

Need to submit data to retailer’s unique purchase order requirements to receive the order.

Our Solution:

Purchase Order worksheets - allow users to export data in the exact format required by their customers to expedite Purchase Order processing.

Need to control access to information for both internal and external partners.

Our Solution:

User-defined fields, Product Details/Attribute Communication, and Product Image Collaboration - enables situation-specific control over information permissions.

Lack of vision and control over multiple product lines, processes, and milestones.

Our Solution:

Workflow Management - provides visibility and control over projects, timelines, teams, people, products, and components.

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