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Fashion Retailer
Looking to streamline its supply chain

See how Vendor Management and Workflows improved their processes.

Client Profile

A fashion retailer offering a mix of custom and off-the-rack products needs flexible systems to manage various vendors and new product acquisition workflows.

As the company grows, there is an increasing need for new vendors and processes. However, the buying team faces challenges due to outdated systems that hinder effective communication with internal and external partners.

Key issues include:

  • Multiple vendors are involved in processes, from sourcing agents to third-party Quality Assurance to brokers, necessitating collaborative tools and specialized information access
  • Buyers need tailored access to category-specific information
  • The team is roadblocked in accessing historical data to inform current decision-making
  • There’s little visibility and control over multiple complex processes

Let's examine some key pain points and solutions to this fashion retailer's issues.


Key Challenges

The RFQ process is dynamic, requiring complex product details and quick vendor turnaround.

Our Solution:

Using Surefront’s Vendor Communication, Vendor Collaboration, and Tech Packs, buyers can adapt to quickly changing market environments while giving their suppliers the exact information they need for quick turnaround from PIM to collaborate with their customers via Surefront’s unified collaboration platform, such as Company Branded Profiles.

No visibility or control over multiple critical workflows and their milestones.

Our Solution:

Product or Category specific Workflows allow specialized teams to manage multiple products and vendors with visibility and control over major milestones.

The new vendor qualification process is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Our Solution:

Using collaborative tools for Responsible SourcingVendor Engagement, and  Supply Chain Management qualified suppliers can be targeted, validated, and onboarded quickly.

Internal and external partners require access to relevant data while being excluded from non-relevant information.

Our Solution:

With Customizable User Fields, administrators can create searchable fields for any business need while controlling access to internal and external partners.

Critical company product and transaction history is trapped in spreadsheets.

Our Solution:

Search and Filter functions and the Surefront Report Builder allow teams to access data using attributes and tags—learning from past programs and gaining valuable insights for the future.

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