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Furniture Retailer
Wants faster sourcing and sell-through

See how automated Tech Packs and Line Sheets can accelerate their process.

Client Profile

A furniture manufacturer with global suppliers is looking for a solution to automate tech pack and line sheet creation.

Their current system is unable to support the scale of their business.

  • They are selling through multiple channels 
  • Their clients range from ecommerce to chain retail stores

Key Challenges

Needs to create unique product specifications to send to manufacturers for sourcing, RFQs, and sampling.

Our Solution:

Tech Pack Builder - enables quick deployment of product data and qualification of new vendors.

Bill of materials - facilitates easy creation of product/family/set flexibility (e.g., parent/child, linked components) and custom fields.

Supply Chain Management - allows management of team members, vendors, and projects against expectations and timelines.

Downstream customers need information in specific formats before being able to action order.

Our Solution:

Surefront custom exports - enables selling teams to quickly convert information to customer-specific requirements (e.g., line sheets, e-commerce, Purchase Order Worksheets) to finalize orders. 

Custom Line Sheet Generator - allows fast creation of customer-specific content to streamline the sales cycle. 

Digital Showrooms - enable selling teams to quickly search and highlight products and features from catalogs to present to buyers.

Risk of errors from having multiple versions of spreadsheets out to vendors.

Our Solution:

Tech Pack Builder, Bulk Update Status/Workflow Tasks, Product Details/Attribute Communication - enable selling teams to quickly search and highlight products and features from catalogs to present to buyers.

Need to track project milestones and multiple workflows.

Our Solution:

Workflow Management - provides visibility and control over projects and timelines, teams, people, products, and components.

Need to control access to information with internal and external partners.

Our Solution:

User-defined fields, Product Details/Attribute Communication, Product Image Collaboration - offer multiple tools to control visibility and access to information.

Lack of historical context for changes made in the process and why.

Our Solution:

Event Logs - provide exact audit trails to track who made changes, when, and where.

Report Builder - allows easy drilling down and across product data with searchable tags and attributes to create custom reports.

No single source of truth. Fragmented silos of information.

Our Solution:

PLM+PIM+CRM on one unified platform - integrates systems to offer full transparency between functional areas, reducing tech stack costs and increasing adoption rates.

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