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Health & Beauty Developer
Looking to streamline PLM processes

See how a unified PLM can optimize product development.

Client Profile

A global developer of Health & Beauty products is looking for a PLM system to improve product collaboration with suppliers and buyers. 

The product developer's current processes are highly inefficient:

  • All product information is managed in spreadsheets and disparate systems 
  • These documents are emailed back and forth between internal and external partners

Key Challenges

Each product must meet unique market regulations, formulas, and packaging requirements.

Our Solution:

Supply Chain Management - provides visibility into supply chain processes, simplifying compliance.

Product Information Management (PIM) - unifies and keeps information consistent while allowing for data flexibility to accommodate repurposing.

Bill of Materials - unifies and keeps information consistent while allowing for data flexibility to accommodate repurposing.

User-defined Fields - offers flexibility to adapt to changing product and business conditions.

Product development teams must concurrently develop new products, secure market-specific approvals, and design compliant packaging.

Our Solution:

Save to Catalog for Item Update or New Versions - allows for easy creation of new versions of existing products using existing product information and updating exceptions.

Bill of Materials

Document Management - facilitates sharing, changing, and distributing key documents and changes throughout the product lifecycle.

Linked components

Multiple new market-specific vendors need to be vetted and onboarded.

Our Solution:

Supply Chain Management 

Vendor Collaboration - enhances real-time collaboration, increasing vendor communications and improving onboarding processes.

Tech Pack Builder - provides a custom Tech Pack generator for quick deployment of product data and qualification of new vendors.

The practice of sending multiple versions of spreadsheets to vendors is heightening the risk of errors.
The product development cycle is fragmented and siloed—lacking a unified system to streamline the process.

Our Solution:

PLM+PIM+CRM on one unified platform - integrates systems to offer full transparency between functional areas, reducing tech stack costs and increasing adoption rates.

There’s no transparency into process and milestones.

Our Solution:

Workflow Management - allows for easy configuration of multiple process steps and task assignments to internal and external partners.

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