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Custom Packaging Provider
Wants to source products faster

See how Supply Chain Management can streamline their sourcing process.

Client Profile

A custom packaging provider needs to collaborate quickly with a global vendor base to secure custom-engineered packaging solutions for its clients

The provider has large amounts of product data stored across multiple spreadsheets which they share with global suppliers. 

  • They source a wide variety of complex custom-made products from global suppliers who need to be onboarded quickly
  • They need a quick turnaround on their Requests for Quotation (RFQ’s)
  • They need real-time collaboration with vendors and customers to capture time-sensitive market opportunities

Let's examine some key pain points and solutions to this Custom Packaging Provider’s issues.


Key Challenges

Sourcing and buying is a multi-step process that involves sending out complex custom Requests for Quotation (RFQ) to new and established global vendors.

Our Solution:

Supply Chain Management - allows companies to manage team members, vendors, and projects against expectations and timelines.

Vendor Collaboration - facilitates in-platform communication with vendors to streamline communication and achieve goals.

Vendor Communication - enables key stakeholders to have direct, contextual communication with vendors and control over shared information.

Responsible Sourcing - allows stakeholders to attach, share, and collaborate on necessary files in real-time.
A broad range of packaging product offerings, each with customized solutions for end users, makes sourcing, project management, and selling difficult and time-consuming.

Our Solution:

Tech Pack Builder - allows the buyer to specify all of the data that the vendor requires for the RFQ in a format that both parties can work on simultaneously to eliminate the need for spreadsheets being sent back and forth via email.

Multiple categories of products ranging from components to commodity goods have customized sourcing workflows.

Our Solution:

Workflow Management - provides visibility and control into projects and timelines, teams, people, and products and components.

Quick-changing regulatory and market environments require on-demand changes to multiple parts, while specialized individual attributes require internal/external collaboration at the part # level.

Our Solution:

Bulk Update Status/Workflow Tasks, Product Details/Attribute Communication - facilitates the mass update and communication of multiple attributes to key stakeholders, either en masse or through Tech packs.

No unified system to consolidate the entire product development cycle, leading to fragmented silos of information.

Our Solution:

PLM+PIM+CRM on one unified platform - consolidates all product lifecycle information into a single source of truth, offering transparency and control over the entire product lifecycle without multiple subscriptions, learning curves, or implementations.

Need to control access to information for both internal and external partners.

Our Solution:

User-defined fields, Product Details/Attribute Communication, Product Image Collaboration - enables situation-specific control over information permissions.

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