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Specialty Gifts Retailer
Needs to streamline sourcing

See how Workflows and Vendor Management accelerated their processes.

Client Profile

A specialty gifts retailer specializing in custom gift packs seeks to streamline its sourcing processes to keep pace with a complex and volatile new product development cycle.

Currently, the retailer relies on spreadsheets sent through email for all acquisition processes, including new vendor qualification, RFQs, sampling, and quality assurance.

This approach presents several challenges:

  • The retailer is unable to capture large opportunities because its New Product Development (NPD) process is unwieldy and too slow to keep up with market demands.
  • The new vendor onboarding process is cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • High-volume custom orders require complex assortments of products, foods, and packaging, all managed within spreadsheets alongside required documentation.
  • The spreadsheet system is difficult to manage, prone to obsolescence, and susceptible to errors due to rapid changes.

Let's examine some key pain points and solutions for this specialty gifts retailer:


Key Challenges

The purchasing department needs to quickly assemble complex RFQs to capture new business opportunities.

Our Solution:

Surefront’s Tech Packs: Buyers can quickly search and configure products into comprehensive tech packs for use in RFQs, minimizing mistakes and reducing back-and-forth email communication.

Each gift pack contains multiple specifications, ranging from products to food to packaging.

Our Solution:

Surefront’s Bill of Materials and Custom Fields: Users can configure complex bills of materials, including components, colors, sizes, sets, and linked components.

New Product Development processes are fluid and subject to change due to the type of product sourced, location, and customer requirements.

Our Solution:

Workflow Management: Provides visibility and control over projects, timelines, teams, people, products, and components.

Product finalization with vendors requires multiple rounds of collaboration via email.

Our Solution:

Vendor Collaboration and Supply Chain Management Tools: Enable a real-time collaborative environment where internal and external partners can finalize product parameters.

Team members struggle to find historical data within spreadsheets.

Our Solution:

Report Builder: Allows users to search on any attribute and custom tags to uncover hidden institutional assets and information.

The global vendor base onboarding process and factory audits require centralized accessible information.

Our Solution:

Centralized Responsible Sourcing: Centralizes all supplier and factory information, audits, and certifications, making it easily accessible.

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