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How Can Surefront Promise Each Customer 10x ROI?

Surefront 10x ROI

We get it… it’s unheard of. How could a single product lifecycle management solution provider guarantee a 10x return on investment for every single customer? Sure, realtime insight into your product lifecycle can speed up your time to market and reduce clerical errors. But guaranteein …

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The Most Popular Raw Materials in Fashion Today

How do you manufacture trending fashions? In this day and age, customers are more informed than ever. They take everything into consideration, including which raw materials are used to create their looks and the sourcing methods that are used to create those materials. The focus on ra …

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The Cost of Using the Wrong PLM Software

Product lifecycle management isn’t a new industry. The term “product lifecycle management,” as we define it today, was coined by The American Motors Corporation back in 1985. However, when it comes to software, the actual features of each PLM platform vary so significantly that the um …

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