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Imagine having all your buyers, quotes, products, historical orders – everything – all in a single system. Surefront lets you communicate and collaborate with everyone on your team, including internal and external players. When the information you need is right at your fingertips, it’s easy to build and send quotes, and to stay organized to boot.

Quote Information All in One Place

Send multiple quotes with one click

Present your products the way your buyers want to see them: in customized formats that you control. Allow multiple quotes to be sent with just one click, so you can get more quotes to more retailers in record time.

Send Multiple Quotes with One Click

Interact and negotiate directly within the quote

Surefront uses a patented method of contextual communications, meaning each piece of communication is tied to specific data points like products or quotes. This brings your internal team and retail partners closer to the product information they need. So you can create a uniquely immersive collaborative experience, without the hassle of cross-referencing emails and other chat tools. Learn more.

Interact and Negotiate Directly Within the Quote

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Product Lifecycle Management includes management and control of all product data and information throughout a product's lifecycle. But what is it really? And why does it matter to you and your company? Download the guide.