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Surefront Releases ‘The Complete Guide to Retail Sustainability’

The leading retail technology platform releases an enhanced second edition of its popular retail sustainability guide.


LOS ANGELES--()--Surefront, the leading retail technology platform unifying PLM, PIM and CRM solutions, today released the newly updated second edition of The Complete Guide to Retail Sustainability. The company has made a name for itself in recent years for its growing resource library featuring approachable overviews of various retail technology issues and solutions.

Anxiety about maintaining retail sustainability is rising for many business leaders as recent SEC regulations take effect. In addition to mounting regulatory pressures, today’s consumers are also demonstrating a deeper interest in the sustainability of the products that they purchase. Supply chain executives are likewise searching for ways to build a sustainable pipeline to keep up with growing regulations and consumer trends.

Many businesses now face concerns of supply chain transparency—having been previously blind to the processes of vendors and manufacturers. This murky visibility leaves businesses vulnerable to legal action, consumer dissatisfaction, and shareholder unrest. Across the pond, these concerns are even more heightened, due to the rollout of the new European Union supply chain law, formally known as the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive.

To empower businesses to gain a foothold on retail sustainability in 2024, Surefront has refreshed and expanded its flagship sustainability overview, The Complete Guide to Sustainability in Retail Technology.

Readers of Surefront’s Sustainability Guide will be informed about impending SEC climate disclosure regulations, how to build a transparent supply chain, and how to use responsible sourcing tools to conduct factory ethical audits and enforce product compliance.

“At a time when three quarters of all clothing items like shoes and shirts end up in landfills, we’re pleased to share our knowledge on achieving greater sustainability in the retail and manufacturing sector,” said Doug Heckmann, Chief Solutions Officer of Surefront. “To comply with the impending new ESG regulations, retailers and suppliers must get serious about supply chain transparency. We’re proud to have built the leading technology solution for ethical sourcing, and this guide for tackling these challenges.”

Manufacturers and retailers today face pressures to meet new regulatory standards as well as customer expectations. No CEO wants to wake up one morning to headlines about unethical labor practices or environmental hazards within their company’s supply chain splayed across the internet. Surefront’s 3-in-1 retail technology platform combines Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Inventory Management (PIM), and Customer Relationship Management (Wholesale CRM) functions into one streamlined platform that simplifies and automates these processes while providing a bird’s eye view of supply chain transparency.

Those interested in securing their own copy of ‘The Complete Guide to Retail Sustainability’ can do so by visiting Surefront’s Books and Guides resources. The guide is available to download at absolutely no cost.

“The best way for retailers and suppliers to adapt to rapidly changing regulations and consumer habits is to adopt an agile solution that evolves with changing rules and buyer expectations,” said Luke Wang, Founder and CEO of Surefront. “We produce and share the Surefront Sustainability Guide to inform business leaders about the major waves breaking within this sector, and to give them an edge over the competition. Some of the biggest names in business have read this guide – and we hope you will too.”

To learn more about Surefront, please visit Surefront.com.

About Surefront:

Three Solutions. One Unified Platform. Surefront is a unified product collaboration platform to drive efficiency and growth. Its patented PLM + PIM + CRM solution streamlines omni-channel sales, merchandising and product development, accelerating sales and amplifying margin. Surefront replaces antiquated tools like emails and spreadsheets, freeing up product development and merchandising teams so they can spend time on what they do best.

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