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Retail Today - Surefront Debuts New Product Development Platform


August 13, 2021
Retail Today

Surefront has rolled out a comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform that allows brands to develop products with all communications and data in a single collaborative space. This promotes the timely advantage of secure, cloud-based collaboration, which keeps remote teams on the same page for faster and more efficient product development.

From concept to market, Surefront is revolutionizing the way brands and retailers develop and launch new products. Data silos are a thing of the past as Surefront’s patented suite of tools blends product data and communications for a historical log of all design elements, financial data, specifications, and tasks related to each product. This has attracted dozens of new brands to Surefront’s platform, with companies like major fashion accessory brand BaubleBar who leverage tighter workflow models for thousands of products in their development pipeline.

Once those products are ready to hit shelves, users can invite retail buyers to view product showcases and settle wholesale orders without ever leaving the Surefront platform. This is saving product development and sales teams up to 20% of their time that used to be spent on data re-entry.

Surefront is debuting its latest updates to its product development platform for retailers and brands at ASD Market Week, Las Vegas. (Aug 22-25)

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