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PLM VS SCM: Which is Right for Your Business?


Nobody said that decoding retail software terminology would be easy. Few retailers truly understand the difference between PLM and SCM. The reason for this goes far beyond similar sounding acronyms: The functions of PLM (product lifecycle management) and SCM (supply chain management) …

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Christmas in Gotham: Trending Holiday Retail Categories

Christmas in Gotham

It’s beginning to look a lot like The Nightmare Before Christmas. With this year’s surreal cosmetic trends (foregoing eyebrows, anyone?) to Target rolling out a Goth Edit, holiday consumer trends for 2023 have never looked more dystopian. Holiday season shopping is about to cross over …

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The State of Sustainability in Retail Technology


Retail businesses, take heed: the industry has reached a tipping point. Consumers are no longer turning a blind eye to the environmental impact of their purchases. Retail and government organizations are cracking down on sustainability, and new regulations for sustainability complianc …

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Are Your Retail Teams Wasting Time on the Wrong Tasks?

retail teams

Passion drives the retail industry. Whether it’s passion for products, passion for people, or passion for your brand’s mission, one fact remains constant: Noone chooses a career in the retail industry in hopes of being mired in repetitive clerical work. Yet clerical work is exactly wh …

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