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Is Logomania the Enemy of Fashion?

What is logomania? Let these t-shirts demonstrate.

People have been saying that logomania is over since the early 80s. Nevertheless, it persisted. Are you wondering, “what is logomania’s meaning?” Here it is: Logomania is the overt use of logos on apparel, accessories, consumables and – in a few unfortunate cases – printed onto model’ …

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Inventory Planning Starts With Time

Retail team figures out how to plan inventory.

When you think about how to plan inventory, do you automatically think about inventory planning software? While inventory planning software can help you forecast demand to make more accurate inventory selections, it’s not the only solution to the question of how to develop an inventor …

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What’s a Software Suite? 5 Ways it Differs from PLM

February 2023 : 5 Ways Software Suites Differ from PLM

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