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Centralized Product Data vs “Going with the Flow”

PIM centralizes data on a handheld computer.

Retail used to be an industry led by gut. Product information management tools weren’t even on our radar just two decades ago. Crucial business decisions –– like the way retailers sourced inventory, which suppliers they partnered with, how they merchandised goods, and more –– were dri …

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The ROI of Happy Retail Employees

Two high ROI happy employees high five one another as they look at a computer screen.

The employee retention rate in retail is unprecedentedly low. The “quit rate” in US retail and hospitality are the highest of any industry, outpacing that of the US as a whole by over 70 percent. But retail teams don’t just need to factor in the cost of losing a frontline retail emplo …

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What Is "Contextual Chat Messaging?"

Retail teams need to communicate far more than your average business. To bring a single product to market, manufacturers need to confirm product measurements, shipping weight, components, pricing, and more. Without the right customer relationship management (CRM) platform in place, th …

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Product Showcases Can Make or Break Your Business

We often talk about product showcases in terms of B2C businesses. Customer-facing retail businesses do need to know how to showcase a product effectively; but it is equally, if not more important, for B2B companies to master the fine art of product showcasing. The reason? Suppliers op …

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