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15 Pasadena Tech Companies You Should Know

By Written by John Siegel

15 Pasadena Tech Companies You Should Know

As tech startups began flocking to the beaches in the early-to-mid-2000’s, Pasadena has maintained its status as an outpost for tech companies. Located northeast of DTLA and east of the San Fernando Valley, the city is most commonly associated with its gorgeous architecture, the Huntington Library and — of course — the Rose Bowl, but the presence of one of the finest academic institutions in the world — CalTech — is a key reason for Pasadena’s tech success today.



  • Surefront
  • ADP
  • iHerb
  • Spokeo
  • Virtualitics
  • Redgate Software
  • Red Ventures
  • Deep 6 AI
  • Brainjolt
  • Supplyframe

Founded: 2015

Surefront helps organizations and businesses of all kinds unify their product journey and skyrocket productivity throughout their organizations and supply chains. The platform consolidates all retailer and supplier data within a single platform that allows partners throughout the chain to showcase products, manage reviews, negotiate on quotes and finalize orders, leading to exceptional collaboration at every step of the process.

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