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Surefront Releases Wholesale Industry's Best Line Sheet Generator

The sales teams of retail suppliers can now create customizable PDF line sheets from product catalog in seconds, saving days of time every month.

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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Surefront, the retail industry's only platform that unifies PLM, PIM and CRM solutions is announcing the release of a new CRM feature - Line Sheet Generator - for sales teams of retail suppliers to automate line sheet creations. The Line Sheet Generator will save in-house sales teams and outside sales reps days of time every month, accelerate wholesale and merchandising process, and reduce time to market.

"I used to build line sheets by cutting and pasting Excel catalogs for my buyers, who each wanted different quote sheet format and product information. Those tedious tasks would take hours of my time every day. Now, with the latest Line Sheet Generator, I can create beautiful line sheets from my digital product catalog using saved templates in seconds." Said Alex Ernenputsch, VP of Sales of JIA HOME, a Los Angeles based home furnishings supplier for major retailers.

"My day-to-day workload changed instantly, I now have more time to spend with customers."
Alex Ernenputsch, JIA HOME's VP of Sales

Line sheets are crucial tools in the retail industry for vendors to introduce new products and offers to retailers. They are the first step of the assortment planning and merchandising process in wholesale and retail. Every year, brands and retailers sink countless hours of effort into manually composing line sheet files, adjusting layouts, placing images, and entering product attributes to meet ever evolving customer requirements.



The new Line Sheet Generator has made an immediate impact for customers. "My day-to-day workload changed instantly, I now have more time to spend with customers. " continued Ernenputsch.

"We witnessed so many sales teams invest incredible amounts of time and effort into manually and repetitively creating line sheets. The customizable Line Sheet Generator was a natural step to enhance our CRM solution, which is integrated with our PIM solution to provide a single source of truth of product data and master data management (MDM). The line sheet automation will improve productivity and data accuracy for our customers so they can focus on growing their business." Commented Doug Heckmann, Chief Solutions Officer of Surefront.

About Surefront:

Surefront is a unified product collaboration platform to drive efficiency and growth. Its patented PLM + PIM + CRM solutions streamline omni-channel sales, merchandising and product development, accelerating sales and amplifying margin. Surefront replaces antiquated tools like emails and spreadsheets, freeing up product development and merchandising teams so they can spend time on what they do best.

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