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Surefront PLM Accelerates Bony Levy's Jewelry Product Development Cycle

Surefront PR Department
December 13, 2023
PLM Accelerates Bony Levy's Jewelry Product Development Cycle

After one year of implementation, Bony Levy's teams are able to develop new jewelry in just four weeks.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Surefront, the retail industry's only platform that unifies PLM, PIM and CRM solutions is celebrating one year partnership with Bony Levy, a Los Angeles based fine jewelry brand available at Nordstrom. Since implementation, Bony Levy's team are able to create new products faster than ever, with new products taking an average of four weeks to develop instead of months.

"Surefront PLM makes it so much easier for me to manage my team with custom built workflows," said Tanya Ellington, Bony Levy's Director of Product Development. "I don't have to follow up and chase information down. I can just go into the platform to check if the assigned tasks to my team are completed."

Bony Levy has a catalog of 14,000 products and introduces 900 new SKUs each quarter. Surefront substantially enhances product information management, streamlines product development processes, and provides real time communication to connect internal teams and external partners. Surefront PLM reduces the time to create line sheets, cutting the process down to minutes from days and establishing a single source of truth of product data.

"Bony Levy is a respected leader in the Fine Jewelry industry. Not only do they design for Nordstrom stores, they also have a robust e-commerce business," said Doug Heckmann, Surefront's Chief Solutions Officer. "As product volume and sales grew, it was necessary to update their PLM system to meet the increasing demand. Surefront is proud to empower Bony Levy's team on product development, vendor collaborations, and inventory management to achieve a 10x ROI."

The impact of Surefront's first year implementations has been significant. "Surefront helps us refine our assortment so we can gain new business. All we have to do is to click a few buttons," continued Ellington.


Surefront is a unified product collaboration platform to drive efficiency and growth. Its patented PLM + PIM + CRM solutions streamline omni-channel sales, merchandising and product development, accelerating sales and amplifying margin. Surefront replaces antiquated tools like emails and spreadsheets, freeing up product development and merchandising teams so they can spend time on what they do best.

Bony Levy:

Bony Levy is an industry leading fine jewelry brand with over 20 years of experience in creating handmade collections that represent luxury with a contemporary twist. The founder, Bony Levy, has a philosophy to use the finest materials to design simple, yet elegant jewelry that can be worn everyday. Mr. Levy is known for his attention to details and his commitment to personal service. His close connection with customers inspires his creativity in developing new styles.

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