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Surefront Releases a New PLM + PIM Feature - Tech Pack Builder

Surefront, the retail industry's only platform that unifies PLM, PIM and CRM solutions is announcing the release of a new PLM + PIM feature - Tech Pack Builder to accelerate collaboration among product development professionals during the product lifecycle. This new feature enables designers, merchandisers, manufacturers, and quality assurance professionals to instantly generate and download PDF Tech Packs that include comprehensive product information, visual media, image markups, attribute level notes, and chat messages associated with the product. The Tech Pack Builder also enables users to conveniently reuse saved templates, which further accelerates the pace of product development and time to market.

"I used to spend hours entering product attributes and cut and paste images in order to build Tech Pack specifications for each new product.

It was difficult and laborious to share Tech Packs with internal team members and outside suppliers when we kept revising products overtime. With the new Tech Pack Builder by Surefront, product development becomes so much easier,"

said Melissa Jimenez, Merchandising Manager at JIA HOME, a Los Angeles based home furnishings supplier for major retailers.

Surefront Releases a New PLM + PIM Feature - Tech Pack Builder

Tech Packs, short for technical packages, are detailed documents that provide comprehensive information about a product's specifications and requirements. Tech Packs serve as a crucial communication tool for designers, product developers, merchants, and manufacturers during the product lifecycle and commonly require hours of effort to create.

"Tech Packs are the backbone of the product lifecycle in the retail industry. We observed high levels of manual work needed to build and modify even simple Tech Packs. Traditional Tech Pack software lacked critical collaboration tools such as image markups and attribute level annotations. We are delighted to have solved these challenges for the wider retail industry and delivered another critical feature for our customer in 2024 after the recently released Line Sheet Generator." Commented Doug Heckmann, Chief Solutions Officer of Surefront.

About Surefront:

Surefront is a unified product collaboration platform to drive efficiency and growth. Its patented PLM + PIM + CRM solutions streamline omni-channel sales, merchandising and product development, accelerating sales and amplifying margin. Surefront replaces antiquated tools like emails and spreadsheets, freeing up product development and merchandising teams so they can spend time on what they do best.

Media Contact

Doug Heckmann, Surefront, 1 724-681-1328, doug@surefront.com