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Data = Money in Luxury Accessories

Another global economic crisis won’t slow expansion in the luxury jewelry and accessories market. Luxury accessories sales are unstoppable. That’s because, even when the luxury industry as a whole reaches an economic stalemate, the diamond industry keeps booming –– fueled by engagemen …

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How to Create Visually Stunning Quotes with One Click

The process of how we create a quote has been around for so long that it’s rarely even thought of as a pain point anymore. But a pain point it is. There’s no reason to spend days tracking down product information and matching those products to their images, then hours customizing that …

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The Wholesale Industry is Skyrocketing

It’s time for the wholesale supplies industry to, in the words of David Bowie, “turn and face the strange.” The reasons for this are myriad. The industry has faced some major changes in recent years, from pandemic-accelerated overstocks, to the sudden pausing of trade shows where whol …

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How PLM Tools Help Supplier/Retailer Relationships

retailer supplier relationship

Supplier and retailer relations have changed drastically in the past three years. At the advent of the pandemic, retailers panicked when faced with the prospect of passing along 60% shipping cost increases to their customers. Some even tried to strong arm suppliers into accepting redu …

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Product Transparency is Critical for CPG Brands

consumer packaged goods_PLM

Consumer trust isn’t easy to come by. The past two years have exacerbated the situation, as major CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands face unprecedented supply chain shortages. Customer trust in once revered CPG brands is also beginning to wane due to greenwashing –– creating an untr …

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The State of the Cosmetics Industry Supply Chain

Cosmetics supply chain

The global cosmetics supply chain is in a state of crisis. Although cosmetics are still a $500 billion global industry, the makeup biz has taken a hit in terms of materials, shipping, and talent retention. Pandemic lockdowns in China have led to a lack of packaging materials. Russian …

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5 Bottlenecks in Home Furnishings (and How to Avoid Them)

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Reduce Time to Market on New Fashions… Without Compromise

Retail is an industry of ticking clocks. A merchant’s trend responsiveness determines the level of customer excitement about their products, and their shipping timelines determine whether customers convert with them, or take their business elsewhere. You need to be fast.

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Calm The Chaos Part 3: Data Will Get You Everywhere

using data in retail

Look to past data for future successes. Retail is a fast-moving, ever-changing business. There are a lot of unknowns, and unknowns are a cause of chaos when it comes to retail buying and product lifecycle management. Knowing what drove past success is the best way to estimate what wil …

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Calm The Chaos Part 2: A Better Strategy, Not a Bigger Budget

All retailers are not created equally. The country’s largest retailers have no problem finding products and vendors. Walmart, for example, has a fleet of 18 private jets that buyers can use to travel all over the world to source products and meet with vendors and suppliers. The majori …

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Calm The Chaos Part 1: Retail is a Symphony

Product lifecycle management is a complicated orchestra. Consumer expectations are on the rise. Can your business keep up? It isn’t an easy proposition in the modern retail landscape. On one side of product lifecycle management, you have overwhelmed retailers sourcing thousands of new …

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The Formula for Increasing Retailers’ Speed to Market, Part 3

Speed to market is important for retailers. If you want to rustle up excitement about your products, improve customer satisfaction, and drive repeat sales, then you have a need for speed. But before you can accelerate your production process, you need to take a few simple steps. This …

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