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3 Next Gen Beauty Trends for 2023

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Beauty is one of the most trend sensitive industries in retail. Although breaking the rules has been a concept in makeup for decades, it’s really taken flight in the past few years. The reason? Gen Z’s affinity for standing out combined with a global pandemic have inspired beauty industry trailblazers to rebel in new ways. 

Remember when Jenna Lyons made sequins acceptable for daywear at J.Crew? In much the same way, Gen Z has broken down barriers in the makeup industry. Current beauty trends in makeup reflect advancements in beauty industry knowledge and technology –– creating a new standard for creativity that’ll only accelerate with time. 

In 2023, beauty trends that would have been unthinkable just ten years ago will hit the mainstream. Let’s take a look at a few of the boundary breaking beauty trends that are revolutionizing the industry, and how retailers can provide products to cater to them. 

  • Eyebrow flair/no eyebrows

It’s funny to think how often many of us have lamented the thinness of our brows in the 90s. Particularly in light of the latest beauty trend, which is foregoing eyebrows altogether. The no eyebrows look is one of the boldest Gen Z beauty trends of the year. Many a next gen Instagram icon has recently dabbled in some wild brow action. Kendall Jenner, Julia Fox, and Bella Hadid have all experimented with the bleached brow beauty trend. 

Doja Cat has famously started shaving her eyebrows off entirely. Is the look eerie? Absolutely. But this beauty trend is only going to become more popular as an increasing number of rule breakers experiment with the look –– which is often accompanied by fake facial piercings to take things to the next level.

Not everyone can afford to invest in fully bleached brows, but there’s an alternative that’s a lot easier for retailers to market. Bright brow makeup has officially hit the mainstream. A wide range of makeup and skincare brands, including Kat Von D beauty and About Face, have come out with neon and glitter brow pigments. Stocking up on neon brow tints is a win-win: customers can create a unique look for a few dollars and the swipe of a cosmetic wand, retailers have an easy add-on sale that shows that they’re hip to beauty trends for 2023. 

  • Stick on eye makeup

Complex, boundary breaking eye makeup looks are very en vogue. Y Pulse reported that 16% of Gen Z and 11% of millennials wanted to wear brighter makeup in 2022. For many, this means boldly colored, artistically complex eyeliner art. But few next gens have the skill to properly execute intricate makeup looks. That’s where technology comes to the rescue. Stick on eye makeup is the latest trending beauty product in high demand for retailers.

Eyeliner stickers make bold eye makeup accessible to everyone, regardless of their makeup application skill level. It makes sense that everyone from Gen Z to maturing trendsetters are embracing this easy-to-apply, yet eye catching look. 

Urban Outfitters, the teen retailer extraordinaire, boasts a wide range of eye makeup stickers. As does Lime Crime, Etsy, and even Walmart. The eye sticker beauty trend is the perfect $10-$15 impulse item to sell near your cash wrap. Stock up to increase your average cart size and boost margins with minimal effort. 

  • Metallic eye paint

Metallic eye makeup is nothing new. Urban Decay has been churning out metallic eye pencils for decades. The way that models wore metallic eye makeup in 2022 runway shows, however, has evolved. The current beauty trend is metallic eye paint swiped on the top lid in bold, thick strokes. Sometimes the metallic paint forms a cat eye, others it looks more like paint, but the makeup effect is always artistic. 

Models for Chloe, Jil Sander, Dries Van Noten and Giorgio Armani’s Spring 2023 shows marched down the runway with swiped and speckled metallic eyes. Silver and gold were prevalent, as well as a dark, metallic blue cat eye. 

So, what does this mean for retailers? It means metallic lid paint will sell like hotcakes in the new year. Foil look cosmetics, like Stila’s Magnificent Foil Finish Eye Shadow, will be all of the rage –– particularly throughout the holiday season. There’s also an opportunity for brands and retailers to come out with tutorials and reels that demonstrate different application techniques. So every customer can learn how to achieve this artistic, futuristic eye look. 

Closing thoughts

Hope you liked the Hunger Games saga, because we’re all going to look like characters pretty soon. Beauty trends in 2023 will push the envelope further than we’ve ever seen. Stark, eyebrowless looks packed with faux piercings may be one of the strangest trends we’ve seen.  But trend savvy retailers will be able to look past the oddity to see the potential for impulse sales. 

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